The two Fraquelli brothers never could agree on much – one loves Hip-Hop and the other loves Motown, one loves burgers and the other loves lobster, the younger drinks Old Fashioned, the older a glass of Champagne.

Yet after a trip to down the East Coast of the USA, from the Lobster-loving heartland of Maine all the way to Brooklyn, Andrea and Alberto agreed that their hometown of London was in need of a place that fused together the fresh and welcoming East Coast Shack flavours with a dose of NYC-Cool.

Their mission was clear - to mix this all together and bring the good people of Fitzrovia a fast-jumping joint where the design has you experiencing the seaside cabins of Maine, where Dr Dre and The Supremes keep your feet moving and the original recipe Lobster Rolls and Burgers are the best this side of the Atlantic!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Fraq’s Lobster Shack.